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The sudden death of my wife of 36 years from diet related causes and the birth of our first grandchild a few weeks later prompted a lifestyle change. At 56 years of age I weighed over 340 pounds. I had type 2 diabetes high blood pressure a heart condition and a gallbladder problem. I had tried diets and knew that they didn’t work. I started looking for what would work. In 30 months I had lost 158 pounds. All the health problems are gone with the weight. I have kept the weight off for going on 7 years now. I did it all without pills, doctors, dieting, exercise, or calorie counting.

My story has inspired people all over the world, I have received emails and calls from over 30 countries. I have people calling and emailing  for advice.
My friends If I can do it you can. I've spent the past several years learning, studying, gaining the knowledge I needed to turn my life around.

When I first started I went to the gym to "lose weight and get in shape". It didn't take me long to realize that the 20 something year old trainers could not relate to me, a man in his late 50s who was obese and in bad health. They had NEVER been overweight or in bad health themselves.
The nutritionist at my fitness center charges $40 an hour, she told me I knew more about nutrition than she did.

I've been there and done that.

It's a blessing to be able to help. It helps me make sense of my wifes death. She died, I lived, I got healthy and now can help others.

If I can do it at my age so can you. Let me help you.  If you feel my story can help and if you value my advice I ask that you make a donation to help support this site and give me the time to help others.
Thank you for your support.

I''m blessed to be able to help people worldwide through the miracle of the Internet.
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