I  lost my wife of 36 years. She died of a sudden stroke going on 7 years ago. I was old and obese. At the time I didn't care if i lived or not. Then my first grandchild was born.
She gave me the motivation I needed to change.
Since then I've been cast into the real world.
Gone was the world of my youth.
I lost the weight and health problems! Took me 2 years

I suffered an injury a couple years ago. It got me down. I put on 25 pounds and got out of shape.
Well today is a new day. If I could bounce back from all that, I feel I can overcome this.
And only 25 pounds to lose.

Well here goes...

I've slipped back into some of the old ways.
Started drinking a little. Eating the occasional cheese cake. Eating breaded foods.
I'm getting back into my Paleo lifestyle. I'm going to lose the weight and see if I can get toned up.

I'll let you know how it's going.

Watch out for "carb creep"

Overcome carb creep...

Dan's Low Carb Journey